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Best Energy Saving Water Cooled and Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems

When considering a new, replacement, or retrofit of your Air Conditioning† system think of the energy consumption. Most all units are designed and rated; this SEER / EER rating is geographically one size fit all. Not all climates are the same. A water cooled or geothermal system offers huge energy saving benefits. Both can be designed to utilize the natural resources available.†

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Geothermal designs and packages systems. For new and retrofit installs.

Utilizing your natural resources is considered thinking Green!

Residential water cooling HVAC system designs and retrofit products will reduce your energy bill. Super efficient water cooling technology is now available for residential homeowners.

Cooling Tower

Businesses and commercial applications can gain huge savings by retrofitting their existing packaged HVAC roof top units (RTU). No need to replace them, a simple water sub cooling tower can enhance efficiency, recycle existing unit, reduce carbon footprint, and save real money. If you have one or 50 RTUís , we have simple designs to do all or retrofit in stages. To even save more money we can incorporate all roof top refrigeration condensers you may have too. These solutions can save you and your business thousands of dollars a year. Call for your energy survey and learn more.

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