There are several different ways that water is used in air conditioning. One of the  most common is using cooling towers and this technology has been used in the industrial industry, large commercial, malls, and hospitals for many years. Even though the size may be different, but the concept and application is the same. This same technology is now available for light commercial and residential applications.  Water Cooled Air Condition using an Evaporative Cooling tower removes additional heat from the air condition refrigerant circuit by sub-cooling; the pressures drop, the capacity increases, and the compressor uses less electricity. Reducing consumption gains energy savings. Subcooling the refrigerant when used in air conditioning and refrigeration offers huge savings in light commercial and box style buildings with air roof top units and roof top refrigeration compressors.

Energy Saving Air Conditioning

Best Energy Saving Water Cooled and Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems

When considering a new, replacement, or retrofit of your Air Conditioning  system think of the energy consumption. A water cooled or geothermal system offers huge energy saving benefits. Both can be designed to utilize the natural resources available. 

Water is also used in Geothermal applications. Geothermal lake and pond loop designs have the greatest savings. If you have access to one of these you are very fortunate. Both designs and layouts can be an open loop or a closed  loop circuit. Geothermal ground loops offer savings over long term. With today's technology and equipment, most systems offer equipment warranties up to 50 years. Both hybrid and ground loop systems offer extra benefits like heating your domestic hot water, slab heating and cooling, and other thermal applications.   

Even your swimming pool and be utilized to create a super energy efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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